Q.How would you describe your photographic style ? 

A.Our style is photojournalistic; capturing the events of the day as they happen with very little interference from Us. We are not the type of photojournalistic photographers that don't take any posed photos. We can utilize a combination of traditional, candid and photojournalistic wedding styles - all determined or selected by the bride and groom.  

Q.Should I make a list of my desired photos for the wedding photographer?

A.I can provide a list of photos of family combinations and desired Bride and Groom shots to insure all photos are to be taken. In the past, some clients have cut out photos from magazines to insure the photographer had an illustration of the desired shot on the day of the wedding

Q.How many photos do you take per hour ? Do you shoot film or digital images ? 

A.We use full frame digital cameras. That allows us to shoot unlimited photos during the event . We usually take 200-400 images per hour. 

Q.Do we get the orginal files on DVD ?
A.Yes, most of our packages include digital negatives

Q. What does "High Resolution" file mean ?
A.High resolution basically means that an image is reproduced with a high level of detail (your digital negatives) .

Q.So I have the rights to reproduct my images ?
A.Yes, we provide reproduction rights. 

Q.Can you show me the images from  complete weddings you’ve done?

A.Our Richardson studio is open most any weekdays . Please call us to set up an appointment to see our albums and products in person. 

Q.Do you offer online viewing of my images? If so, is this included  in the packages or this is an extra fee?

A.Depending on our wedding packages , we do provide online slideshows and full web galleries. 

Q.Do you provide back up Cameras 

A.Yes we do. 

Q.How many weddings do you photograph in a day?

A.Only one wedding per day.

Q.Would you be available to come early to our event to begin the photography in advance?

A.Yes we are ready to come early to your event to begin the photography in advance. For destination weddings, We travel the day before the wedding and stay there at least 2 days. We enjoy travelling and We are ready to travel all over the US.

Q. Do you provide additional prints ?

A.Yes We provide additional prints. We keep the copy of your DVD in our database, you can always order additional prints.

Q. What kind of album do you provide ?

A.We provide the finest quality custom designed flush mount albums. Check out our product page to get more information about our products.